I don’t have time for pointless pain. I don’t have time to grieve what never really was. I don’t mope around anymore. I don’t cry, or hide or wish I would die. I don’t call you, text you, pray for you. I don’t.

I do have plans for my life. Plans for my success. Plans for my growth. Plans for being better than you made me feel. I do dream for me, set goals for me, work hard for me. I know I am stronger than you made me seem, I know you were an anchor and I’m ready to get moving.

I have already done more in a day than you gave me time to do, I don’t have to check in with you, I don’t have to apologize to you, I don’t have to forgive or call or stop everything for you.

My head is up, my heart is open, my spirit is flying. This is the me you never knew. This is the Phoenix rising.